Tim Brown

Tim is passionate about fitness and health.  Combining his love of Martial Arts and Fitness, Tim founded FunFit: Functional Fitness & Self Defence Centre in 2008 and from 2012 has been a student of Nutrition.  Eat Real Food is Tim’s vision (with help!) to better inform people about healthy food choices.  With so many messages out there (often conflicting), Tim thought “wouldn’t it be great if there was a site that people could go to that cut through jargon and marketing-speak and just made it easier to make healthy choices?”  Enter Eat Real Food.  Be warned: Tim is (in)famous for good information and bad jokes.  He may also overuse parentheses.


Kimberley Weeks

Kimberley is an experienced personal trainer, amateur athlete, mother and has a Masters degree in Human Nutrition. Her love of sports, the outdoor, a healthy and active lifestyle, combined with a new emphasis on being a great role model to her family, has further honed her interest in sports nutrition especially for endurance athletes and practical lifestyle nutrition that can be adopted by everyday families. Kimberley’s contributions to Eat Real Food will focus on the key elements to look for in creating and selecting healthy meals for children.

Christie Fischer

Christie is a holistic nutritionist, transpersonal life coach, and whole foods advocate, based in Cairns where it’s Summer all year ‘round.

Christie has a special interest in digestive upsets as well as stress-related ill health such as adrenal and chronic fatigue, having suffered from these herself. She is a big believer in educating and inspiring her patients so that they feel empowered and are confident in looking after their own health in the long term.

Getting in the kitchen is a fun and relaxing part of Christie’s week and whether it’s a gut loving broth or a quick sweet snack, everything is made with real fresh ingredients and a whole lotta love.


Sophie Loftus

Grown up in Sydney and worked mainly around the north shore during my 13 years as a chef. It surprises me everyday that i still hold the same interest and gain the same enjoyment and satisfaction from my job, so i guess its fair to say that food is my passion. Food is more than what we put on the plate it binds history, society, evolution in a way that most people will never see or believe.

I love the fact that there are thousands of different concepts, beliefs, traditions and experiments 1000s of rules to break and 1000s that have been broken. One of the things that has always bothered me as a chef is the wastage and the amount of wastage in the food industry, mainly because i know that if treated right almost anything can have nutritional value. I’m excited to contribute to an awesome new forum about the relevance of eating real food today, improving our options for tomorrow.


Kate Merrick

Kate is a 32 year old doctor who is specializing in Anatomical Pathology. She was born and raised on a farm in the United States and as such has a passion for physical activity and the outdoors. Growing up, she learned about “small scale” farming (on 5 acres) including gardening and raising livestock from her mother and grandmother and is keen to share this wisdom. Since moving to “the big city” ten years ago, she has some additional insights gleaned from personal experience in gardening in a compact environment (ie unit balcony). She also hopes to contribute to discussions on personal health and nutrition from the medical perspective.


Lauren Gatt

Lauren is a 24 year old Psychology student who has a particular interest in how our diets and lifestyle impact our mental health. She is also a mad keen baker, a runner and self-appointed kitchen all-star. What she hopes to bring to Eat Real Food is a way of making the research on the links between diet and mental health interesting and accessible. She hopes to inspire Eat Real Food readers to think about their food choices more deeply, and educate people in the kitchen so that they have more choices. She also enjoys talking about herself in the third person.


Navin Arden-Wood

I’ve been interested in human health for a long time now. I once heard Dr James Chestnut say in relation to health “It’s not bad genes, bad germs or bad luck. It’s how you Eat, Move and Think”. I couldn’t agree more. The search for fuelling myself for optimal performance started with high school sports and has never really stopped. Books were read, seminars and workshops were attended, naturopaths were consulted. I don’t even want to calculate how much I’ve spent in time and money on this topic. The thing about nutrition is that there are an awful lot of different opinions and almost everyone claims “scientifically validated”.

In 2002 some friends and I opened a health food shop. 10 years later we have 8 shops scattered around Sydney. It was a great learning ground for finding out what’s good and what’s just good marketing. After a decade being in the health food industry with 100’s of naturopathic discussions, 1000’s of customer conversations and 1000’s more formulation reviews with suppliers, I’d like to share the best of what I’ve learnt so far.
Mei Wong

Mei is an advocate for practicality and holistic approaches to health care. She applies these principles regularly as practicing chiropractor and encompasses education in nutritional eating as part of her treatments to support healing and our stressful lives.
Her nutritional approach is to opt for as many nutrients from food as possible while making food straight forward and tasty. She likes to impart handy hints and incorporate how physiological processes impact or are affected by lifestyle choices including diet.


Sarah McMahon

Hi, I am Sarah and I am passionate about finding new ways to be healthier in the kitchen, and new ways to explore culture through food. My posts aim to be quick, satisfying and made of real food. I grew up within a takeaway family, leaving me with limited food knowledge about health and culture. I found that take away gives limited impressions of cultures, whilst providing hidden calories and hidden ingredients. Since then I have moved into cooking for my family 4 nights a week, saving money, navigating picky eaters, working to make vegetables more appealing and discovering new favorites. Join me and let’s stop wasting our health on mediocre food and discover something delicious, something that fills you up and that you can be proud of.


Vicki Saunders

I was born in country NSW and am now firmly saturated in city life, still we cannot be without our garden, parks and home cooking. Cooking has always been my creative outlet and I’m pretty relaxed about it, knowing it doesn’t always turn out as planned and sometimes that’s awesome!! I will tell people I follow the recipe the first time but in truth, I’m tweaking almost immediately. I’ve always thought myself quite healthy, but when we created our very own small person I realised there’s hidden surprises in most processed foods and with a bit more effort we can give her the best start in life.

Lindi Savva

I am a mother to a seven year old boy and wife to an awesome man. My journey into whole foods took off with great momentum when I was told I potentially had two more autoimmune diseases. I decided to take control of my future health and immerse myself into how I could heal from the inside. During this chapter I have completely changed my way of thinking about food and what it means to be well nourished. I have always loved to cook and bake and I am thoroughly enjoying having my boys (and anyone else willing) as taste testers while I play around in the kitchen having fun with new nourishing recipes.

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