Lauren Gatt

Lauren is a 24 year old Psychology student who has a particular interest in how our diets and lifestyle impact our mental health. She is also a mad keen baker, a runner and self-appointed kitchen all-star. What she hopes to bring to Eat Real Food is a way of making the research on the links between diet and mental health interesting and accessible. She hopes to inspire Eat Real Food readers to think about their food choices more deeply, and educate people in the kitchen so that they have more choices. She also enjoys talking about herself in the third person.

Pomegranate Chicken is the bomb!

This pomegranate chicken is the shiz bomb diggity- not even joking a little bit. Bursting with the good stuff (pomegranates are high in antioxidants) and flavour. Inspo was from Katie Davies, who uses it in roast chicken. I prefer my chicken dripping in marinade and grilled though, so made some minor adaptations …

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