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Welcome to the Eat Real Food Podcast page.
The Eat Real Food Podcast brings the discussion to you.
It’s co-hosted by Tim Brown and Navin Arden-Wood in an easy-going, conversational style.
We aim to make both simple and complex nutrition topics accessible and interesting.
The plan is for weekly episodes, fairly short and easily digestible!
There will also be special guests to add to the discussion.

Feel free to send us questions and give us feedback – we’d love to hear from you. 🙂

Episode 11: Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

Welcome to Episode 11: Pre and Post Workout Nutrition In today’s episode, Nav and I discuss pre and post workout nutrition. As strength and conditioning coaches, these are some of the most common questions that we get. What should I eat? How long before the workout? What should it contain? …

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Episode 10: Supplements

Welcome to Episode 10: Supplements; Do you need them? In today’s episode, Nav and I discuss supplements. We cover: Nav’s rationale for why he takes them The ‘usual suspects’ that can be deficient Individual differences and testing protocols Let’s start with the obligatory disclaimer: We are not advising you to …

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Episode 9: Superfoods; Real or Marketing Spin?

Welcome to Episode 9: Superfoods; Real thing or marketing spin? In today’s episode, Nav and I discuss superfoods (real or hype) and nutrient density.  We cover: Do superfoods exist? What is their criteria? A couple of resources to determine nutrient profiles of foods What are Superfoods? Purportedly they have incredible …

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Thank you podcast listeners!

Eat Real Food Podcast

Thank you Podcast listeners! Thank you for choosing to listen to the Eat Real Food Podcast. Questions, comments & Feedback to –> tim (at) eat-real-food (dot) com (dot) au Upcoming Interviews —> Laurie from Crop Swap Sydney on Community Gardening, Nicky (Psychologist) on Motivation and Implementation, Christie (Nutritionist) on various …

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Episode 7: Restaurant Standards

Welcome to Episode 7: Restaurant Standards; Soil & Organics In today’s episode, Nav and I discuss restaurant standards, how soil quality affects nutrient profile and organic foods. We cover ideas of: Restaurant Standards Having standards in terms of restaurant quality is NOT the same as being fussy. When it comes …

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