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Liebster Award – Appreciation for fellow bloggers

Liebster Award Eat Real Food been nominated for the Liebster Award! Thank you very much to Nicky from for nominating me! As well as putting up with me (my long suffering and wonderful wife!) Nicky is an organisational psychologist who provides research-based suggestions to help parents deal with growing …

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Episode 7: Restaurant Standards

Welcome to Episode 7: Restaurant Standards; Soil & Organics In today’s episode, Nav and I discuss restaurant standards, how soil quality affects nutrient profile and organic foods. We cover ideas of: Restaurant Standards Having standards in terms of restaurant quality is NOT the same as being fussy. When it comes …

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Primal Blueprint Review

primal blueprint review

Primal Blueprint Review There are a number of books on my shelf about fitness, health and nutrition. The Primal Blueprint is my number one pick for “START HERE”. Other books can (and do!) go into more specifics. The Primal Blueprint is a great overview for the building blocks of a …

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